Our Management Committee consists of volunteers who are professionals in the various fields of specialization, such as Human Resource, Medical, Finance, Business, Legal, Social Work and other related fields. The Committee for term of 2020 to 2022 comprises:

Mr Yeo Chuen Eng Chairman
Mr Li Guang Sheng Vice-Chairman
Ms Lily Lim Honorary Secretary
Ms Angela Chin Honorary Treasurer
Mr Henry Lim Kim Seow Committee Member
Mr Khushroo Dastur Committee Member
Mr Troy H.Engle Committee Member
Ms Linda Auyong Committee Member
Ms Yeo Lai Mun Committee Member

The Management Committee receives advisory from:

Dr Philbert Chin Soon Siang Principal Advisor & Chairman, Foundation of Rotary Clubs (S) Ltd

The Management Committee is further divided into five Sub-Committees, to look into key areas of development for the Family Service Centre, namely:

  • Strategic Planning Sub-Committee
  • Human Resource Sub-Committee
  • Finance Sub-Committee
  • Services Sub-Committee
  • Outreach Sub-Committee