Extracted from Annual Report FY 2021/2022

Coming Alongside, Journeying Together

At the heart of all we do at FRCS FSC is a commitment to come alongside individuals and families in need. For over two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has called for us to hold out hope for them, reminding them of their strength to overcome obstacles. Going forward, we will continue to journey with them, encouraging them to behold the hope shining through life’s dark and difficult moments.

We can only achieve this through services that uplift lives. In FY2021/2022, therefore, we were constantly looking into staff and programme development. Just a year after the launch of the SobeRISE initiative, we took the programme up a notch, by establishing a Focused Intervention Team in Addictions and Mental Health to enhance our capabilities and ramp up support for persons with alcohol use disorder. Eventually, we also hope to better support those with mental health concerns as well.

As the COVID-19 crisis put homelessness in the spotlight, we conducted research on the issue so that it may inform our future service delivery. To hone our competencies in Case Work, we began the engagement of an external consultant to complement and strengthen the ongoing clinical supervision of our staff.

In our first year of overseeing the operations of SG Cares Volunteer Centre (VC) @ Clementi, we recruited and mobilized more than 600 volunteers to help in various initiatives by our community partners. Activities at the SG Cares VC @ Clementi are set to grow, riding on a wave of volunteerism in the community.

Navigating Change, Renewing Hope

The year ahead will be characterized by change, yet there will be continuity. COVID-19 may have changed many things, but the need for the human touch stays strong. While online tools have been extremely useful for us to remain connected, nothing can replace face-to-face interaction for the building of relationships. With gradual relaxation of Safe Management Measures, we enter a new phase of greater opportunities to meet in person.

Activities such as home visits and outreach events can take place with less limitations. As places spring to life, we get to return to fundamental components of our work – meeting clients where they are and understanding their environment. In the lead up to the celebration of our 25th anniversary next year, we also look forward to holding a Community Day and showcasing our West Coast branch that began operations in early 2020.

As Chairman of the FRCS FSC Management Committee (MC) for this term ending 30 June 2022, I am pleased to be passing the baton into the capable hands of the next leader, Mr Khushroo Dastur. With experience serving in the MC, Mr Dastur will lead a proven and competent team which includes newly appointed members. I want to thank the MC, and especially the outgoing Vice-Chairman Mr Li Guang Sheng, for working tirelessly with me through the years.

We want to thank our staff too for their dedication and professionalism. Issues such as the lingering effects of the COVID-19 crisis and rising cost of living may be anticipated in the coming months, nevertheless the staff will stand by our beneficiaries to weather the storm. Additionally, we appreciate our volunteers for sharing their time and talents with our beneficiaries.

Finally, we want to thank the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service, National Addictions Management Service, SG Cares Office of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, community and grassroots organizations, Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd and Rotary Clubs, for their unwavering support so that we can truly walk alongside those we serve.

Yeo Chuen Eng
FRCS Family Service Centre Management Committee