This is a transformative and expansionary year for our Family Service Centre (FSC). Our premises are now brighter, as well as more open and welcoming for staff to work in and serve our clients.

TRANSFORMATION – At our newly renovated Centre, we can now employ more staff and increase our capability to meet the clients’ current needs and fulfill our mission to help people. Drawing on our experience in Case Work, Group Work and Community Work, we have reconfigured every inch of our space to make it more functional for clients and staff.  With the same square footage, the efficiency of the Centre has grown by leaps and bounds.

We have dedicated rooms for therapeutic work and designed multi-purpose areas for activities, case conferences, and community networking needs. With people at the heart of what we do, we have modified spaces to improve the way we work with our clients and the community. Careful attention has been given to the reception counter, disbursement area, and two pantries for their use.

Our staff are now thriving in and enjoying an open concept office featuring a meeting hub for teams to brainstorm ideas and quiet corners for individuals to think. It fits the objectives of the Management to invest in the professional development of our staff by providing them with a conducive environment to learn, work, and upgrade their skills and knowledge. Almost all staff have attended external trainings. Some have even been given time off to further their studies. As our Centre aspires to be an incubator for Social Work professionals, we have created new spaces to take in more students for their practicum.

EXPANSION – Our FSC was given an opportunity to start a branch at West Coast to serve the residents there. We have accepted the offer and shall occupy a vacated HDB void deck office soon to serve even more families in the coming years.

In addition, a team from FRCS FSC was tasked to look into the feasibility of an eldercare and caregivers centre at Bukit Gombak under our parent organization, Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd. As a result of its work, the project is now at the fundraising stage and implementation is expected before year’s end. There is an opportunity for FRCS FSC to reach out to the elderly and their families there too.

By reshaping our spaces and expanding our horizons of service, we hope to create more opportunities for our staff to serve people and to change lives for the better. We thank the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) Ltd for their generous support to make this transformation and expansion possible.

We also thank various Rotary Clubs, National Council of Social Service, Singapore Totalisator Board, Lee Foundation, The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, volunteers, and organizations for their continued trust and partnership.

Yeo Chuen Eng
Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore Family Service Centre Management Committee