Community Work

Outreach to community is based on the philosophy of “Many Helping Hands”.  FRCS Family Service Centre collaborates with various key stakeholders in the community to bring about resources to support individuals and families needing care.  Outreach may happen through door-knocking exercises, meetings with agencies and networking sessions.  Our niche programmes include:



Launched in 2017, SuperSTUDENTS! is a ground-up initiative that provides financial support to students for their school-related needs. This initiative comprises Bursaries, Education Assistance Fund and Back-to-School Bundles. From 2021, SuperSTUDENTS! is expanded to include Academic Support such as coaching, and enrichment activities.

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Ad-Hoc Workshops

Our beneficiaries are invited on a regular basis  to participate in various programmes organised by external partners.  Ad-hoc programmes include excursions and enrichment camps.



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