SuperMUMS! Run 4 was conducted from 16 May 2015 to 16 April 2016 over 10 sessions. This run continued to build up the bonding and support among the alumni and new participants. The group discussed challenges of being a single mother such as re-building the family, coping emotionally, parenting as well as sharing information on formal and informal resources.

SuperMUMS! Run 5 conducted from 11 March to 20 May 2017 saw 11 mothers coming together to rebuild their dreams for tomorrow. Through therapeutic and psycho-educational activities, the programme inspired the mothers to overcome their challenges and fostered stronger informal support among them.

SuperMUMS! Run 5M (Maintenance) was specially developed for participants of the preceding SuperMUMS! Run 5. Held from 19 August to 18 November 2017, Run 5M was to provide a platform for them to continue to meet, maintain their relationships and support one another.