My Inner Iceberg is a group that was formed as part of FRCS FSC’s SuperME! series of therapeutic programmes.

Participants engaging actively in the discussion

The goal of the group was to foster growth and self-awareness in clients through the use of Virginia Satir’s Iceberg Model. 10 clients participated in the eight sessions conducted by Senior Social Worker Ms Lim Re Har and Social Worker Ms Chey Siow Wei, from 20 April to 13 July 2017.

Expressing their thoughts through art

Participants’ thoughts expressed through art

The facilitators introduced the Iceberg Model to help the participants gain insight on challenges they faced. They also went through experiential activities such as family sculpting, the practice of mindfulness, and the analysis of the inner experience of individuals.

Apart from the learnings, the participants established a sense of camaraderie, provided positive feedback about the programme, and expressed interest to participate in similar programmes in future.