SobeRISE is a community-based programme developed by FRCS Family Service Centre and supported by the National Addictions Management Service (NAMS). Commencing from January 2021, this specialised programme offers support and assistance to individuals and families affected by issues associated with alcohol abuse. Using case work, counselling and group work interventions, we are committed to assist and support both individuals and their families to enhance their well-being.

Our team comprises qualified and trained social service professionals, committed to support and assist individuals and families affected by issues associated with alcohol abuse. We offer case work and counselling based on different therapy modalities and group-based activities to individuals and families with issues associated with alcohol abuse.

From our case management experience, we see how alcohol abuse affects an individual in many different ways, for example their employment, physical/mental health, relationships and also their sense of self. Alcohol abuse affects the individual’s family and loved ones. We see the importance of collaboration, working hand in hand with the stakeholders and community partners to ensure the individual and family who come to us for support, get their needs met and linked to the appropriate services.

As we believe that recovery takes time, our social service professionals are committed to journey with the individuals and families in their bid to re-claim and re-build their lives. Our services include:

  • Screening and assessment by social service professionals on potential alcohol abuse;
  • Individual and family case work and counselling services; and
  • Psycho-education and support group work

Contact us at 6779 9488 or for more information on our SobeRISE programme.

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